Scientific Breakthrough Reveals The Real Cause of Weight Gain And How To Reverse It

“If you have struggled to lose weight or you gain weight easily, it’s not your fault. The secret to weight loss is managing insulin, not counting calories or starving yourself. If you know me you know that I care about exposing the truth. And the truth is that the diet industry wants to keep you overweight. GOLO is different and our mission is to get you OFF the diet merry go round for good.”

~ Keith Ablow, M.D.       

Insulin is the critical hormone that regulates weight gain and weight loss

Insulin is one of the most important hormones in your body because it directly affects metabolism, weight gain, aging, and your overall health.

If you are overweight, have slow metabolism and gain weight easily you are likely producing too much insulin. High insulin levels cause the body to gain fat by turning OFF the fat burning switch and turn ON the fat storage switch.

Excessive body fat is one of the biggest indicators of Insulin Resistance and eliminating abdominal fat is very difficult even when dieting.

Why is Insulin So Critical?

The enzyme lipase is responsible for opening the fat receptors so your body can utilize stored fat. The problem is that excess insulin stops lipase from doing its job and releasing the fat. Instead, you deplete healthy muscle which results in a slower metabolism. Low calorie dieting, fat diets and diet meal replacements, as well as processed foods can actually make this worse. These foods create spikes in blood sugar levels, increase insulin levels and cause muscle loss, not fat loss.

As we age and gain weight our insulin becomes less effective and less sensitive and the body has to produce more insulin. This excess insulin is not as successful in turning glucose into energy and ends up storing as belly fat. The result is a condition called Insulin Resistance which makes it very difficult to lose weight and much easier to gain weight.

"Insulin Resistance will always cause weight gain because the body can't utilize glucose properly and so it converts it to fatty acids that get stored in fat cells." ~ Dr. Jen Morganti

Is Insulin the Cause of Slow Metabolism and Your Weight Gain?

If your waist is greater than 40" for men and 35" for women, you gain weight easily or have difficulty getting rid of belly fat, suffer from hunger and cravings or low energy, impaired insulin performance may be contributing to your weight gain and making it hard to lose weight and most importantly fat.

Healthy and optimized insulin levels are very important to helping the body release stored fat. DIeting the wrong way can cause excessive muscle and slower metabolism resulting in weight gain.

"Insulin Resistance is an often silent condition that affects millions of Americans. As a factor that has previously been under-recognized by patients and physicians, Insulin Resistance is an important precursor to the epidemics of diabetes and cardiovascular disease." ~ Dr. Robert Buynak

Whether You Have 20 Pounds Or Over 100 Pounds To Lose,
The Secret To Losing Weight Is Managing Insulin

debbie lost 112 lbs GOLO rescue plan

"GOLO is easy to follow. I was able to do it and I was never hungry. I lost 48 pounds and 8 inches off my waist" ~ Nombu*

Jacques Lost 65 lbs on GOLO

"I lost 65 pounds and 16 inches off my waist. I'm bursting with energy and feel 20 years younger." ~ Jacques*

debbie lost 112 lbs GOLO rescue plan

"With GOLO I lost 112 pounds and went from a size 28 to a size 12. I feel great and I've kept it off for 2 years." ~ Debbie*

Controlling Insulin Is Far More Effective Than Counting Calories

Despite all the low-fat, low-calorie and other diet products on the market, the general population continues to gain weight! Conventional diets simply don’t work.

Managing your insulin is critical for effective and lasting weight loss and optimal health. Diet products and fad diets actually cause weight gain by spiking your blood sugar and insulin levels causing fat storage. In addition to fat storage, your metabolism slows further. Eventually your weight plateaus or you give up because these diets are not sustainable or realistic to follow long-term. To lose weight the right way and keep it off, you have to optimize and control insulin.

“Focusing on “low-fat” and “diet” processed foods may lower the calorie count, but these foods are typically pro-inflammatory, which explains why they don’t aid weight loss. They also aren’t satiating, and some of the chemicals in these foods actually trigger hunger signals.”
~ Dr. Jen Morganti, ND

Crash Diets Don't Work. Manaage Insulin
Crash Diets Don't Work. Manaage Insulin

Thousands of people just like you who have failed to lose weight and keep it off have finally found a solution with GOLO and achieved real results.

amazing weight loss by GOLO

"Together we lost over 200 pounds on GOLO in 2 years and my husband eliminated all his medications." ~ Riana*

Lost over 35 lbs on GOLO

I lost 36 lbs and 5 dress sizes in 37 weeks. ~ Pat*

Amazing Weight Loss on GOLO

"GOLO is easy to follow and I lost 131 pounds and 14 inches off my waist in only 1 year. I also eliminated my blood pressure and gout medications." ~ Graeme*

Clinical tests prove GOLO Works

Average GOLO Study Results *

GOLO is about steady and healthy weight loss. By optimizing and controlling insulin you will lose fat and inches, look and feel better, and because GOLO helps control hunger and cravings you will be able to stick to the plan without isolation and starving yourself. Losing 5% of your body weight and especially 10% has been proven to generate significant health improvements. The chart shows the average results achieved by GOLO first adopters and the results that are possible by following GOLO.

Clinical tests prove GOLO Works

Average GOLO Study Results *

*Disclaimer: Testimonial results were obtained over a period of three months to two years and may not be typical and your results may be more or less than the averages stated on this website. Testimonials were not compensated for their statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and the statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Consult your physician before starting GOLO or any other weight loss program and reducing or eliminating any medications. For study summaries and more information and disclosures please go to Studies in the About GOLO page.

With GOLO You Can Reach Your Goal And Never Diet Again

With GOLO You Can Reach Your Goal And Never Diet Again

"The best thing I ever did was start the GOLO program because it really gave me my life back. GOLO has worked when nothing else has." ~ Michelle*

Weight Loss Results on GOLO

"I've completely reinvented myself." Elsie*

amazing weight loss results on the GOLO Rescue Plan

"With the GOLO program I've now lost 97 pounds, 10 inches off my waist and it's been two years since I've been on the program." ~ Patrick*

"If there is a single marker for lifespan, as they are finding in the centenarian studies, it is insulin, specifically, insulin sensitivity or Insulin Resistance. Insulin Resistance is the basis of all of the chronic diseases of aging."
~ Dr. Ron Rosedale

How GOLO Works


Michelle Quote

You may have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on false promises of weight loss. "One size fits all diets" do not work because they are not meant to and you are not to blame for their failure. If what you have tried before to manage your weight hasn’t worked, learn why managing your insulin is the key to successful weight loss and how it can work for you too.

You may have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on false promises of weight loss. "One size fits all diets" do not work because they are not meant to, and you are not to blame for their failure. If what you have tried before to manage you weight hasn’t worked, learn why managing your insulin is the key to successful weight loss and can work for you too.

There is a Real Solution and It’s Based on Real Science.

You do not have to be let down again by another diet. GOLO addresses the cause of weight gain and how to stop it. You will lose steady weight and learn how to feed your body properly for weight loss and better health. On GOLO you will stay in the insulin optimization zone allowing you to burn fat while maintaining energy.

crash diets don't work but GOLO does

crash diets don't work but GOLO does

The GOLO 30 Day Rescue Plan is a sustainable 3 tier solution designed to stop weight gain and start converting fat into energy

The Easiest Weight Loss Plan Ever!

GOLO members get weight loss advice and support at myGOLO

The 30 Day Rescue Plan contains everything you need to follow GOLO and lose weight the right way. You’ll learn how to use food as FUEL so you are energized and will lose more fat without feeling hungry, counting calories or depriving yourself. After a few weeks you won’t need this booklet anymore as you will have learned how to feed your body for steady weight loss. You will see amazing results quickly and realize there is a smarter, healthier solution.

A Weight Loss Supplement That Actually Works!

GOLO Release Diet Pills GOLO Release Diet Pills

GOLO’s all natural plant-based Release supplement was designed to fight the common obstacles that prevent weight loss. Release prompts the body to release stored fat and reduce fat storage by optimizing insulin, and managing key hormones related to weight gain. Release contains NO caffeine or other stimulants. Included with the GOLO Rescue Plan is the Release research paper validating the efficacy and safety of the ingredients in Release, and how the ingredients in Release help manage insulin and promote safe weight loss.

Never Diet Again

  GOLO members get weight loss advice and support at myGOLO

Forget everything you’ve been told in the past about dieting and weight loss, and learn how you have been manipulated by the diet industry and set up to fail. The Truth and Change booklet gives you the real information you need to succeed and lose weight. In 30 minutes you will learn how you can reach your weight loss goals without conventional dieting. Let the Truth and Change lead you in the direction of personal empowerment and spark positive changes in all areas of your life.

GOLO gives you the support you need to turn the corner on weight gain and freedom from dieting

"The GOLO lifestyle is what I’m committed to for the rest of my life. With GOLO I feel fabulous!" ~ Courtney*

Weight Loss Results on GOLO

"Before GOLO I was a stress eater and felt my health was in jeopardy. Through GOLO I’ve learned how to make the right choices and maintain an active lifestyle." ~ Carlos*

amazing weight loss results on the GOLO Rescue Plan

"With GOLO you can make the change, you don't have to continue living in a body you're ashamed of. What I gained over the past 22 years, I lost in 1 year!" ~ Gwen*

Dr. Niftirk loves GOLO"GOLO helps stabilize blood sugar. There is no hunger between meals and the supplements have no side effects. That's a great achievement." ~ Dr. Ina de Beer

Break Out of the Dieting Cycle For Good

The Truth about “Conventional Dieting" and why it has failed.

Many conventional diets involve excessive calorie restriction or cutting foods like fat and carbohydrates. Many replace real food with low-fat, or fat-free ‘healthy’ food and meal replacement shakes or bars. Worse yet, some diets reward you for skipping meals or accumulating points.

Most don’t want to tell you the truth about the importance of managing insulin because their diets and diet products can cause sugar and insulin spikes and ultimately weight gain. The body needs real food including healthy fats and carbohydrates for optimum health, metabolic efficiency and effective weight loss.

GOLO's Metabolic Fuel Matrix

Low-fat, fat-free, and meal replacements are loaded with preservatives, hidden sugars, sodium, MSG & other artificial ingredients. They are expensive, unhealthy, and not sustainable.

How is GOLO different?

How is GOLO different?

You don't have to give up the foods you
love when you are trying to lose weight.

GOLO's Metabolic Fuel Matrix

Enjoy Bread, Pasta and Butter

Enjoy Bread, Pasta and Butter

On GOLO you will eat a wide variety of natural clean foods which won’t leave you feeling hungry. Fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats are all on the menu – and of course fresh breads, pasta and butter.

Creating Matrix Meals:

GOLO's Metabolic Fuel Matrix

2 minute meals with REAL foods

Our time saving system will set you up for success and easy meal prep. GOLO is perfect for everyone whether you are comfortable in the kitchen or you've never cooked a meal before.

You don't have to be perfect! We understand that most other diets are not realistic. Anyone can follow our plan, easily and we don't use fancy ingrediants, only simple affordable foods that promote weight loss and better health.

GOLO's Metabolic Fuel Matrix GOLO's Metabolic Fuel Matrix

Cost comparison: Other diets can cost up to $400 per month or more for unhealthy processed food!

With GOLO the average cost for groceries is only $50 per week ($200 per month) to eat healthy whole foods that not only help you lose weight, but give your body proper nutrition.

GOLO's Metabolic Fuel Matrix

GOLO's Metabolic Fuel Matrix
GOLO is about empowerment, not dependency. Our Metabolic Fuel Matrix plan is based on sound nutrition so you are full and energized as you lose weight. Instead of depriving or trying to control you, we teach you the right combinations of important food groups that promote optimum health and metabolic efficiency. You will quickly see why we call food FUEL, and how our plan promotes steady weight loss.

We are designed to EAT, not starve. Real food contains essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that FUEL your body, rather than filling it with preservatives and additives and other ingredients like added sugar and sodium. On GOLO you won’t feel isolated from enjoying food with family and friends, and you can still eat out anytime.

Weekly Meal Plans

GOLO's Metabolic Fuel MatrixMeal planning subscriptions can cost up to $29.95 per month just for recipes that include unbalanced and unhealthy meals. GOLO's solution - we post new plans each week, for FREE!!

  • Seasonal Weekly Meal Plans
  • Printable Shopping Lists
  • Recipes That Anyone Can Follow

GOLO's Metabolic Fuel Matrix
GOLO 5 Star ReviewGOLO 5 Star ReviewVerified Purchase 8/16

I followed GOLO's shopping list and my grocery bill was cut in half! ~ Heather, TX

If You Are Ready To Get Off The Diet Merry-Go-Round Then GOLO Is For You

Whether you need to lose more than 100 lbs, the last annoying 20 lbs, or just want to get healthier and obtain more energy and vitality, GOLO will work for you like it worked for these people. We don’t make false promises like many diet companies do. What we will tell you is that GOLO is designed so that anyone can easily follow and succeed without resorting to drastic measures like depriving yourself or isolation.*

GOlO and Release shows Before and After weight loss

"I found GOLO an effective way to minimize my night cravings and binge eating. GOLO has taught me a great deal about eating the right foods so I can feel healthy and stable in my eating habits." ~Kendra*

Robert loss over 50 lbs on GOLO

"Before GOLO my blood pressure was high. After being on the program for six months my blood pressure is normal and I've lost 20" off my waist. Thanks for saving my life GOLO!" ~ Robert*

Before and After on the GOLO diet

"By following GOLO I've lost 55 pounds and 14 inches off my waist in 6 months. With GOLO I started seeing results immediately." ~ Valerie T.*

Metabolic Health and Repair

A Patented Nutritional Supplement Based on Real Science

Release’s patented formulation is a result of over 6 years of dedicated research committed to finding the safest and most effective ingredients that, when working synergistically, help to maximize healthy and safe weight loss.

Optimize Insulin

Improve insulin performance and finally release stored fat.

Control Glucose

Reduce hunger, cravings and increase your daily energy.

Balance Hormones

Improve mood and reduce stress that produces fat-storing cortisol.

Included with your 30 Day Rescue Plan is the Release research paper validating the efficacy and safety of the ingredients in Release, along with research results proving how Release helps manage insulin and promote safe weight loss.

GOLO Release Diet Pills GOLO Release Diet Pills

How Release is Different

GOLO has discovered a unique blend of ingredients that helps release stored fat. Release, GOLO’s proprietary supplement, is a blend of 7 all-natural plant-derived ingredients from around the world and 3 minerals, each of which is backed by numerous studies supporting their safety and efficacy. Release is specifically designed to help you both kickstart your weight loss efforts, and help support sustainable weight loss.

  • Banaba Leaf
  • Berberine HCI
  • Chromium
  • Apple Polyphenol
  • Salacia Bark Extract
  • Gardenia Fruit Extract
  • Rhodiola
  • Inositol
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium

No Caffeine    Non-GMO     Non-Allergenic

Made in USA: Release is manufactured in California at a facility with the highest standards in manufacturing quality.

GOLO 5 Star ReviewGOLO 5 Star ReviewVerified Purchase 7/16

8 weeks in! I'm down 25 pounds and 6 inches off my stomach. Pain levels are down, energy is up, I'm sleeping better most nights and I feel great! I'm loving this! ~ Glenda, OR

Release works together with the 30 Day Rescue Plan to set you up for sustainable weight loss

GOlO and Release shows Before and After weight loss

"With GOLO, I have new appreciation for life and new outlook towards food. I feel better and my confidence has improved." ~Washiela*

The before & After for GOLO weight loss

"Before starting GOLO I didn't realize I was sabotaging myself by eating protein bars. On GOLO I've lost 65 pounds and 8 inches around my waist." ~ Ron*

"Before GOLO, I felt sick, tired, uncomfortable and insecure every day. Now I am healthier, fit, comfortable and very confident. GOLO has changed my life forever!" ~ Sharon*

Truth And Change

GOLO members get weight loss advice and support at myGOLO

Get The Truth And Lose Weight For Good

“I’m here to tell you that you do not have to be let down by another diet ever again. You have been manipulated by the diet industry that will do anything to get your money; even use celebrities to sell their products. They are happy to keep you losing weight the wrong way, or not at all, and when the weight comes back you blame yourself. Don’t let it happen again. Lose weight and keep it off, and never diet again, with GOLO.”   Keith Ablow M.D.

GOLO members get weight loss advice and support at myGOLO

GOLO members get weight loss advice and support at myGOLO GOLO members get weight loss advice and support at myGOLO

GOLO’s Truth and Change booklet will free you from dieting once and for all. You don’t need CD’s, videos, books and binders or meetings and counseling to lose weight. With GOLO, you can be in control of your own destiny and not controlled by the diet industry. The secrets to better health and defeating stress and emotional eating are mapped out for you, and in 30 days or less, you will be on track to lasting change and revitalized like you never imagined possible.

You already have the power to reach your goals and the Truth and Change booklet will give you the motivation to fight back and take the first step. In just 30 minutes you can learn how to start making the transition to a better you. And remember, with GOLO you’re in total control. But if you need us, we are here for you. Whether you need the motivation to get fit, guidance on changing eating habits, want to take charge of your health, or need to reduce stress or overcome emotional eating, Truth and Change can help you reach your goals.

"Over the past few years, my weight has continued to increase. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I didn't want to go on medication to manage it, instead, I decided to try to lose weight and get healthier. With GOLO I have lost 110 lb I am no longer type 2 diabetic, and my blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and heart rate have all come down. Many of my co-workers have joined me in losing weight with GOLO, with great success." ~ Dr. Paul, DO

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Break Through Your Weight Loss Barriers

GOLO Clinical Trials After


GOLO 5 Star ReviewGOLO 5 Star ReviewVerified Purchase 7/13

“GOLO has helped me lose weight and has improved my health. I have lost 84 pounds so far, and I’m still going!” ~ Eulie, MD

GOLO 5 Star ReviewGOLO 5 Star ReviewVerified Purchase 9/16

“I was stunned at the wealth of information included in the booklets. The booklets alone would have been worth double what I paid.” ~ Heidi, WA

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